"... we should no longer accept the counsel of those who tell us that we must fill our world with poisonous chemicals, we should look around and see what other course is open to us." 
Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

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BioSafe Weed Control, 1 gal, 2/case
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BirdLite Multi-Color Strobe
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BirdProof Liquid Spray Repellent, 1 gal.
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Havahart Small Live Trap (Chipmunk +) #0745
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Holographic Scare Tape, 3/4 in x 100 ft
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MoleMax Mole & Vole Repellent, 10 lbs
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Monty's Liquid Carbon, 2.5 gal
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Organic Gem, 55 Gal
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Safer Pantry Pest Trap 2/box
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TerraClean 5.0, 30 Gal
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TerraClean 5.0, 5 Gal
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