Tanglefoot Codling Moth Trap, 2/pkg

Tanglefoot Codling Moth Trap, 2/pkg

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The Tanglefoot Codling Moth Trap includes everything you need to successfully monitor Codling Moths. Like all Tanglefoot products, it's ready to use. Each kit contains two Sticky Traps, specially formulated Lures (protected in sealed pouches until ready for use), hangers, even a special tool for removing trapped insects so the trap can be reused.

To use, simply assemble the trap, place the lure inside, and hang traps at eye level, on the north side of trees. If you have a grove of trees, it's best to place traps on the outside trees, where insects are most likely to enter. The insects are lured inside, encounter the sticky surfaces, and become trapped without any means of escape. Best of all, this action is strictly mechanical - no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used.

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