Garlic GP, Lawn & Turf, qt. RTS, 6/case

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  • All Natural Fungicide
  • Controls Brown Patch, Take All Patch & Dollar Spot
  • Covers up to 2,000 square feet
  • Application La

Garlic GP Lawn & Turf is an all-natural, chemical-free fungicide that controls brown patch and dollar spot. It's safe for children, pets, birds, wildlife and beneficial insects, as well as yard-friendly creatures such as earthworms. Garlic GP Lawn & Turf - a safe and healthy alternative to chemicals - saves on grass replacement and is very economical, covering up to 10,000 square feet per gallon of Garlic GP. It works for up to 21 days after application and becomes odorless in hours.

Safe for use on all lawn & turf grasses including: Bermuda, Bent, Bahia, Carpet, Centipede, Dichondra, Fescue, Natives, Rye, St Augustine, Zoysia

Shake well before using

32 oz. Ready-To-Spray:
Apply at a steady pace overlapping slightly to cover the area that you wish to spray. Treats up to 2000 sq ft.

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