Original Purple Martin House, 3 flr/12 unit condo, assembled

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  • Condo-style birdhouse attracts insect-eating Purple Martins
  • Assembled
  • All components are made of cool, easy to clean aluminum<

This "condo-style" birdhouse attracts insect-eating Purple Martins to take up residence and graze your yard for all their food needs.

These birds are the largest North American swallow, their flight patterns are often erractic and hysterical to watch. These swallows are meticulously clean, very friendly to humans, and a natural predator to common yard insect pests. Their prime food is flying insects. One bird can eat as many as 2000 mosquitoes or 400 flies/leafhoppers per day!

Comes assembled. These lightweight aluminum houses come complete with: ventilated roof, metal base, door plugs, ceiling panel, porch dividers, guard rails, reflective roof, hinged doors, top perch, information and all necessary hardware. Requires a pole (not included). Comes with complete assembly instructions. Assembly Required. (Factory assembly option available.)

All bird house components are made of cool, easy to clean aluminum, and the 3 section standard or heavy duty poles (purchased separately) telescope from 5 feet - 12 feet , giving easy access. There is nothing that will rust or rot in an aluminum house. Even the white-painted portions of the houses should endure at leas

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